Step 3: Programme Registration

Register for your ELE programme.

You will receive a third email, this one is from the Student Systems Team (bear with us, you're almost there!)

If you don't receive this email immediately, don't worry! Please bookmark this page and come back for guidance when the email arrives. 


Follow the link in the email and complete these steps:

1. Log in to EUCLID (the University of Edinburgh's student record system) using your EASE Student UUN and password you created in Step 1.

2. Check that all of your details are correct (mistakes can delay matriculation!). If anything is incorrect, please state this at the bottom of each page.

3. Fill in any additional required information in each section (there are five tabs at the top of the page).

4. Take care not to accidentally decline your place - avoid the red decline box on the introduction page and in the dropdown box on the Programme Details tab!

5. Agree to the University of Edinburgh Regulations.

6. Don't worry about any mention of a Personal Tutor (this is meant for students matriculating on UG and PG programmes).

7. Complete matriculation!


If you need further guidance, please watch the University of Edinburgh's Registration Process Video here.


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