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Academic Language and Literacies (ALL) information for Schools.

What is our Academic Language & Literacies provision?

Academic Language & Literacies (ALL) provision is designed in collaboration with Schools on the principles of contextualisation, embedding and mapping.  This ensures that academic language provision is relevant to the disciplinary area, embedded in programmes as far as possible, and mapped to the student life cycle.  

Our courses are designed to help all students be successful on their programmes and reach their academic potential. Students engage in collaborative activities and analyse materials from the subject area allowing the development of genre awareness, linguistic expertise, and awareness of expectations and practices within their disciplines. The challenges facing students related to discipline expectations, practices, genres and language intersect in different ways.

While language proficiency may not be the only issue, language enhancement is a core feature of our provision. 

Examples of possible content includes: 

  • Unpacking assignment criteria and tasks
  • Structure and language for successful argumentation
  • Integrating source material and avoiding plagiarism
  • Understanding and utilizing feedback
  • Writing coherently and fluently

Specific requirements are negotiable and can be discussed when Schools note interest. Sessions can take place throughout the student lifecycle, delivered at the most suitable time. The provision should be accessible to all students, international and home, though depending on the demographics and needs of the School, a referral system may be negotiated to prioritise those most in need.  

Interested? Get in touch...

For further information please contact: 

Lindsay Knox (for MHSES)

Rowan Murray (For CSE and CMVM) 

Jill Northcott (for Business, Law, Economics, HCA, and other CAHSS enquiries)  

Faith Dillon-Lee (for LLC, SPS, ECA, and other CAHSS enquiries)

ALL Information Sheet (PDF)