PGPEP Scholarship for Displaced Persons 2023/24

We are offering one Post Graduate Pre-sessional English Programme (PGPEP) Scholarship for Displaced Persons 2023/24

PGPEP Scholarship for Displaced Persons 2023/24

We are pleased to be able to offer 1 x PGPEP year round scholarship to an applicant in need of English for Academic Purposes prior to applying for post graduate study in the UK. Applicants will be considered for both PGPEP 1 and/or PGPEP 2 depending on their circumstances.

Please see: Postgraduate Pre-sessional English Programme (PGPEP) | The University of Edinburgh


  • Tuition Fees + up to £15,000 per year (Sep 23-Sep 24) for PGPEP 1 and/or 2.  (Please see: Notes for applicants below).
  • Data and laptop provided for the duration of the course.
  • Sport Access to Sport & Exercise | The University of Edinburgh


Applicants must:

  • be from an area of instability or zone of conflict;
  • not have already completed a post graduate degree in the UK;
  • meet the entry requirements for post graduate admission on your chosen programme of study at the University of Edinburgh (or other institution) other than the English language requirement.
  • Meet the English language entry requirement for PGPEP enrolment. Please note this course is not suitable for beginners.
  • Applicants for the PGPEP scholarship must currently reside in the UK


  • All displaced statuses will be considered including:

    • Refugee Status
    • Asylum seeker
    • DLR/LLR
    • Humanitarian Protection
    • Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)
    • Ukraine immigration schemes


  • Apply by the PG PEP deadline see: Applying for PGPEP | The University of Edinburgh
  • Complete the scholarship application form here , including a 500 word personal statement which answers the selection questions (see questions below).
  • You must only submit the application once.
  • The deadline for completing the PGPEP application and submitting the support document is:

Semester 1 and 2 (full year) application deadline: Monday 21 August, 5pm (BST). Semester 2 only application deadline: Monday 13 November, 5pm (GMT).

  • A panel will review all eligible applications after each deadline and we hope to inform applicants by 1st Sep 2023 (semester 1 intake) and 1st Dec (semester 2 intake).

Scholarship Selection Questions

Write a 500 word personal statement which answers the selection questions below:​​​​​​

We want to ensure that the PG PEP scholarship is awarded to individuals who will benefit most. Tell us:

  • What are your achievements to date?
  • What are your goals? (Please be as specific as possible).
  • How will your development In English for Academic Purposes help you to achieve those goals and go on to benefit society?

Notes for Applicants 

  • We believe that diversity and difference makes us stronger. If you have a disability or learning difference please feel encouraged that your application is welcome Information for students with disabilities | The University of Edinburgh
  • The scholarship is for 2023/2024 entry only, the award cannot be deferred to a different intake.
  • The scholarship can only be used for full-time study of the PGPEP 23/24 and cannot be transferred to another programme.
  • Please note that the amount may vary depending on student circumstances as some students may be more secure remaining on Home Office support and receiving a fee waiver only, if based in Edinburgh.
  • Accommodation costs are included in the £15,000 and are not awarded in addition to the stated amount. Some applicants may be more secure remaining in their local accommodation, if based in Edinburgh.
  • The funding is for 1 year only and has no connection to post graduate funding post progression. Please consider this fully before applying.
  • You will not automatically be enrolled onto the scholarship when you apply for the PGPEP, if you are eligible you must apply for the scholarship separately using the application form.
  • General support and guidance about studying at Edinburgh will be available from the University of Edinburgh’s Refugee and At Risk Advisory Team:
  • Specific advice pertaining to this scholarship can be directed to: or