Supporting you

We run a series of workshops for staff who are working with international students.

Working with international students: Issues for second language users of English.

A series of two-hour workshops for university academic staff working with international students in a lecturing, tutoring or supervision capacity. The aim of the workshops is to develop academic staff awareness of language-related issues specific to students with English as a second language and to develop strategies and skills for use in an internationalised teaching environment.

The series which runs in Semester One and post-Semester Two is open to any academic staff member in the University. Details here:

ELE Open Staff Workshops - International Students Spring 2015


We can also run the series or individual workshops for specific School-based staff on request. Here are some topics we can include but, if you have other requests, please contact us.

  • Helping students with comprehension & communication
  • Encouraging communication in lectures & seminars
  • Designing explanations which are accessible
  • Dealing with post-graduate students’ writing
  • Supervising post-graduate students who have English as a second language

Supporting your language development

International lecturers can approach us for advice about their own language needs.

For further information: