Independent Study Materials

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We have the following course-specific materials: 

Speaking Skills Listening to Lectures and Note-taking
Presentation Skills Reading and Discussing Academic Texts
Grammar for Academic Writing Essay Writing for Postgraduates
Essay Writing for Postgraduates (Supplementary Materials) Writing a PhD First-Year Report
Writing your PhD: Reviewing the Literature Writing up your PhD (Qualitative Research)

Academic Writing for International Students

We have a number of online resources to assist International students with Academic Writing.

Please click here to access the online resources for Academic Writing for International Students


Writing up your PhD (Quantitative Research)

We recommend Science Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English by Hilary Glasman-Deal (not available for download)


Effective English Learning

We have the following self-study materials which offer guidance on informal ways of improving your English knowledge and skills.


Unit 1: Preparation
Unit 2: Listening
Unit 3: Grammar
Unit 4: Reading
Unit 5: Writing
Unit 6: Vocabulary
Unit 7: Speaking
Unit 8: Pronunciation


We also have an independent study course designed to be useful for students taking formal written examinations. The course materials are self-contained, with a Key providing answers and advice. 

Writing Examination Answers